Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

Super Saiyan Flash Film, Dog.

Nice work on Goku. Everything was down to the original perfectly. How about doing Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Marron and #17 to round-up the DBZ Dress-ups? Let me know.


This is cool. You forgot a couple of details like the fact that goku's eyebrows also turn blonde, and his eyes turn green. Also you forgot to ad the armbands to his gi. And it is sad that I realized that. Could also use some nikes or something, but oh well.

EviLDoG responds:

I may make the eybrows move with the hair, maybe that would be better, his eyes im not sure what to do about it, it dont make much of a difference i think, i totallyy forgot about the armbands, im not sure what happened there. I was also going to add some lesiure type shoes.

And to: Tengokusei
I may just add some more characters, but im not sure whether to upload them as one movie or to upload seperate characters, tell me what you think, bye!

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This game is fun but we need more space and different designs.For say his Super saying 2,3 hair. And super saiyan 4. Maybe let him get in the gogeta fusion. But make more backrounds and make different characters like, Vegeta,Goten,Gohan,Trunks. And their transformations. Also put different forms of thier costumes...Like Goku all beat up and different colors. That would make the best dress up game ever


i made him into a sayian suit (just like vegeta has in the frieza saga) as a Super Saiyan. 10/10 5/5