Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

Sohn Gokus...

Gar nicht mal so schlecht... für Dragon Ball!

Goku and me are married... no, really, we are.

AWW-RIGHT! The cartoon man I have had a crush on for the past two years is finally at my command and fashion sense (or lack thereof)!
I'm contractually obligated to love Goku and so undressing him is a big plus for me. I'm curious as to where the "bulge" went in the Saiya-jin spandex pants, however. >=(

It doesn't make you GAY to draw anything other than a flat crotch on a guy, just so you know. Come on, you fellas get all the fucking naked woman dress-ups you want, and I have to settle for immovable black trunks? It hardly seems fair. When I become really political, I'm going to protest this kind of thing. I want equal pay on the dollar at the workplace and access to naked male cartoon characters. Damn it! [pounds fist on nearest flat surface]

Anyway, great game. w00t!

Good, but...

You should let us take off his underwear...


not bad thats rly cool hey if u do it again u should put in gokus wristbands

good very goodbut,

ss hair is tobig