Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"


i thoought when you said youll never see the show the same a gain i thought you were going to put some gross wierd xxx shit thanks

Hes so hot....

I wanna see his dick next.... and gohan's too (WHEN HES OLDER I MEAN).... hmm if u want another show, try Kai from Bayblade.... Hmm good work..


lol !!!!!!!!!!! i dresed goku as santa lol 10/10 5/5!!!!!!


no cm


a really kool game if got it stored on my desktop soooooo addictive just needs a few more things to get the extra point more custumes and sum items and weapons and could u plz change the way da cloths r they all get lost lol and no offence but that sayain hair looks shite soooo u could change it just a bit maybe some diffrent faces and some kamehamehas and spirt bombs and stuff like that but it rules plz teach me how to make games by replying to this message or emailing me @ busterismad@hotmail.com