Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

omg that SUCKED!

god i wouldnt watch that again for one billion dollars thats how bad it is!

This game is GAY!!! ^^!

This game is really gay man - dress Goku - lol. ^^!

worse than life

Maybe its just me being biased towards all of the little Dragon Ball Z Characters, or just having my own personal likes. Either way I just really don’t like the dragon ball z style with the really weirdly drawn cartoons, and I never rate anything that’s DBZ good as I don’t ever find it remotely entertaining or funny. And you’re right – Now I never will see dragon ball Z the same way again! In fact ill see it even worse as now I know someone has gone through the pain of making a game about it.

EviLDoG responds:

Not even a 1 for graphics or interactivity?

It wasn't meant to be a movie, that's why you may have found it boring. Are you blond? Because all you have to do is click and drag.

14 years old i see.. i'm sure the education was better here in england, but then again you are from herts.


I agree with Gate28. This was crap.