Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

i love the i'm a. i made it say "i'm a f*cking super saiyan!" lol

cool game

fag factor???????????????

i don't know bout the rest of the gals but i have absolutly NO problem whatsoever with large muscled young men - especialy if they're cute


No. Just.. No. That was terrible... There was hardly any selections for the clothes, and they didn't fit right. The music was annoying, and it was boring because you couldnt take off his boxers. The only good thing was the graphics, in which I would like to congradulate you on them. They were A++, but that was the only thing that was good.

eh its ok

the clothes were drawn real good but wtf is up with the music? lol oh well this has everything ive seen in other so no surprises -_-