Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

Nice one.

Decent drawings, good flow, the ability to actually mute that damn annoying music, and the best thing is you made his boxers non-removable. Damn nice work man.

Real FUN :)

WOW this was Fun!, I loved this. the only thing that could make it better was some more stuff like Gokus arms like dead Musley when he's pissed etc. also when goku goes Super Sayian don't his Eye Brows too ?... well anyhow a really good game but not top marks yet =D,
Plz make goku nude next time with more stuff,
Thanks =D

What's the music!!!!!!!!

Hi first of all This is a verry good dress up game and please make quick a anthor one cause you rule in making flash movie's

But i want to know were you get that song or that
looping song please !!!!!!!

EviLDoG responds:

Thanks for the review.
I have uploaded the music and it is available from http://dragonballuk.net/downloads/files/dressuploop.zip it is in MP3 format.
See ya later.

Really cool

I gave interactivity a 9 beause you can write things on the shirt. The Sants suit was wicked man!! lmfao
Dude, If you make vegeta, Keep the pink shirt!!

Close to perfect

That was awsome man!!!!! I espesially liked how you can write diferent things on one of the shirts. I also liked how you couldnt take his boxers of. I hate sick games like that. Please make one for Vegita or mabye one for Boo!