Reviews for "DBZ Dress up Goku"

it was good

it was ok,but can you add more people and more super saiyan hair and clothes

to the last guy and...

Dude (the guy to post last) you need some councling cause I dont know if your a gay pervert but I dont think anyone needs that.

This game is fun but we need more space and different designs.For say his Super saying 2,3 hair. And super saiyan 4. Maybe let him get in the gogeta fusion. But make more backrounds and make different characters like, Vegeta,Goten,Gohan,Trunks. And their transformations. Also put different forms of thier costumes...Like Goku all beat up and different colors. That would make the best dress up game ever


His penis!


not bad thats rly cool hey if u do it again u should put in gokus wristbands


man hes head is likecreelins only the creelind dots remain to put on his head . well it would be cool to make one with vegetta andif u make anoher one make more clothes bakgrounds and music