Reviews for "FNF 05 - Board of Palms"


That was really freakin funny and random. You should make more.

drumstick responds:

I TAKE OFFENSE TO THE WORD FREAK. but thanks for the love anyway.

It's god....AND HE'S HERE!!!!

You rock. Truly. Get Claveman out aswell. It rocks as hard as.......a large stone :D Keep on flashing!

drumstick responds:

i hate large stones

best thing ever.

Man this was like the most original and funny thing i've ever seen. I wonder what the other contestant will be battling?

drumstick responds:

the other dude has a pretty funny movie skit. itll be online later.

You r so awosme!!!!!!

Rock on man!!!!



i love how random it is i love the random flashes