Reviews for "FNF 05 - Board of Palms"

wat the helkl was that

i dont know wat i just saw it starts off in the middle of the ocean with 3 palm trees i dont know wat is so interesting about this movie i hated it

It's preety good...

To start, this film is full of humor. It has a little of everything.
with the that palm of the middle to impose respect, the palm of left side impolite... and that one that it does not know to speak... was to die
to laugh... the graphs are good. The sound is equally good and finally
to finish I have to say that it has much style. Plus one it only
asks... goes to have another episode? I am to the wait!
I do not know because is only the 3rd daily place...it must have been the 1st!!!


this movie was awsome
and i can't wait for more
i've watched all of the claveman's can't wait for the final 1
HOW DO U DRAW SO GOOD!!!!????!!!!


Ive been waiting sooo long for the new 05 FNF series to come out! this ROCKS MAN!


I have no fucking idea what this flash was about but I dont care, I loved it, it was so random, two talking palm tress talking about god knows what is the making for something great.