Reviews for "FNF 05 - Board of Palms"

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Dude, this roxxorz muh boxxorz. I love their expressions: the quivering lips and swollen eyelids are awesome, and it's not just a face slapped on a palm tree either-- those trees were drawn pretty damn good and planned out with the faces. It's a shame it's only reward was daily 3rd, it deserves front page. I bet this'll get respect on AlbinoBlackSheep or deviantART, post it there.


nick your are crazy.....

I love this movie :)

I must have watched this flash about 50 times by this point, and it never gets old. I love random humor like this, it was very well done. I loved the artwork, t'was very crisp and neat. I loved the voices, and the sound as a whole was pretty good. I hope to see more like this!!


i love how random it is i love the random flashes

duurr cexy

cexy mes uppies plz

nice vid .................i said nice vid............ ffs no appreciation