Reviews for "FNF 05 - Board of Palms"

You are awesome!!!

I love your work and this is no exception.

The graphics are great and your style is excellent. However, this is not what draws me to your animation, it's the comedy and randomness. You are left at the end thinking "What just happened?", then burst out laughing!

I can't wait for next Friday!

P.S. I made the icon for your butternub fnf, do you like?

drumstick responds:

a lovely icon indeed.

i am ecstatic that my fat brain made this cartoon for chaps like yo self.

Pretty damn funny

I loved the dialogue and and the palm trees facial expressions when they talked. Just seeing palm trees talk like that really cracks me up!

drumstick responds:

those were palm trees?


this is quite possibly (to me) the funniest movie since 8 bit D+D. XD congrats this is great.

drumstick responds:

yes candy for all the joyous children!


I loved it but what i realy loved is Chuck the thrid tree that was a great film

drumstick responds:

well his name was Jut. but i guess i never spelt that out.


I loved the style, great work.

drumstick responds:

omfg thank omfg *splooge*