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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"


alrite game ur crazy cause u made a rock bigger than the demon of minus morgul and the dark spellcasters are basically called nazguls.

Needs work

The level with the demon was just impossible-ly hard. It could have been made easier if say you could go down and kill things too. Or at the begining of each level give a strtegy on how to beat the level. Plus the curve of difficulty is like too easy to impossibly hard in one level. And having a limit on how many creatures you could get really sucked.

It was a well made game(E.G. not much lagging, controls were good, no glitches) but it could have a difffivulty option. Could have an upgrade system too.



liked it

words cannot comprehend.....

this is just a monumental complete FAILURE and i hated it i run out of money and there some twinkle fairy's magical line that wont let me go help my soldiersseriously? could have had more thought or if u make a new one, at least let you control a soldier if u want i might have kept playing if that was the case