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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"


i know its lame but still i want to send a good remark

... Try again.

The hero's attack doesn't work

a few notes

when you pick up archers... the archers stay out of the range of the opposing archers and i deployed melee fighters to insure there was a wall between the archers and the attackers... some how or another the archers died within seconds of being deployed.

also, a pause button other then bewteen rounds would be helpful. i tried the menu button, and when i returned i was moved to the next round. i guess my team is l33t without me :P

last point, this point has been driven home a few times, i want to help my troops, but there is a wall stopping me. i would strongly recommend taking out the "hero" aspect and turn in into more of a deployment system. this removes a lot of the multitasking out of the game and streamlines the fighting.

the game itself runs smooth and is a good foundation for other games like this one. with a few changes and adjustments i am sure this game would rock.


guys, i hate to break it to you, but this is one of the easiest games on the planet. i used to cream this game when i was like six....


The fact that I cannot go down and help my other soldiers , as was mentioned by another review, makes the first level actually impossible. Leading me to not be very impressed with this game.