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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"


That game was so cool. i got up to lvl 8 and i got grossed out a little by the sounds. Could have a little more blood in it, but other than that, it rocked!!!!!

that was fun!

the game was awesome! i made it to the credits ! like i know matt handerson used music anyways the game was off the hook if u know what i mean!

It was awesome

Unlike the last guy, i didnt lag alot...infact hardly lagged at all
some pointers would be, when you have 100 gold at starts dont start off by using dwarf...cause its better to save up while your betters are fighting.

also the demon and spellcaster combination part was actually harder then the flaming rock boss at very end. You actually participate in final battle (not fighting peons) and your money is constantly raising pretty fast...but u dont really need to do anything...

it had the usual "save the kingdom" storyline...very easy to run out of money once you get the elf fighter though

A C+ in my book

The game has a lot to offer: warriors, soldiers, knights of Rohan, dwarves, elves...shit do I need to go on? Basically everything in LOTR is here. It's a solid "make all their base are belong to you" game; but it gets impossibly hard around level 10. I tried time after time after time, but using every possible combination of men I could make: i couldn't take down the demon and spellcaster. That was the roadblock for me.

Your character basically exists in his own side of the battlefield fighting off orc peons, while your men are fighting the orc generals, mages, demons, etc. This is actually a downer because there's no sense of comraderie between you and your forces. You are secluded to your side of the field: your men can not help you, and you can not help your men. You fight the same type of monster every time, that is only one spacebar stroke away from being slain. Easy, but boring. The only thing remotely entertaining about it is you get to have your own kill count.

In this game, you can not die. You are an invincible warlord where blood and organs are no object. Your men however, are very vulnerable. The other half of this game entails replacing lost units via money that appears out of thin air after you and your men kill monsters. The money you make goes ONLY toward replacing lost units. You can not buy new units and flood the battlefield with 50,000 riders of Rohan.

THIS GAME LAGS A SHITLOAD. Unless you're running this game on a U.S. government supercomputer, expect shitloads of lag. In the beginning parts of levels, you'll find yourself running extremely slowly through the middle of the battlefield, but when an orc mage pops up to attack, the game quickly shifts gears and your enemies whiz past at blank speed. This can throw off your game A LOT; not even changing the detail and music settings helped. Though I was able to get rid of that god-awful music in the process.

Money is so common in the first few levels that you won't even think twice before spending it, but in the later levels, you'll find yourself running out of it. A lot. And at the most crucial points in the skirmish. What sucks about the money system is that it DOES NOT roll over from level to level. You could make 4k gold on lvl 7, but you're back to 100 gold on lvl 8. This sucks at the late stages of the game where you're given only 100 gold and have to choose what men to send fighting at the beginning of the game. (Apparently the men in the later stages are killed before even reaching the battlefield; thus prompting you to choose who to send into the fray.)

The graphics are extremely ho-hum. Your men don't look half bad, but nearly all the orcs have the same shit-brown stains on their faces and bodies. You often can't tell the difference between which one is a mage and which one is an axe-wielder.

It's not a bad game, but there are so many better ones. And ones with less lag. I recommend playing some of those if you have more time to spare. But for the quick "MUST KILL ORCS" craving, this game will fill you up.

its interestin and hard to beat, but i won!

dis game is so fun and interesting.i beat da game but i lost like 5 times! every lvl u get new friends to help you. it was also pretty hard. if u let the main character play at the bottom!!!!!!!