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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"


dunno its ok but not really grat

Where is the challenge?

You just hit the space button over and over again and choose respawn your dead troops until you win. Its hard to lose it just seemed like an epic waste of time. You should make it so that the "Hero" can fight something more than just run away orc farmers.

I rated it five because its an old game and I enjoyed it when I was younger so you must have done something right. Just remember if you make another game that people enjoy a challenge :)


This game is so cool! It's very fun unlocking all the troops. Yes, and as monkeygrimmace321 said, this game could benefit from badges and achievements. Other than that, epic game!


i was never able to finsh the game but i know how FUCKING EPIC it is

game is fantastic!

there isnt anything wrong with it at all. good and simple controls, fun gameplay. if only this had achievements.