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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"

Love this game

by the way guys the sequel to this is prince of war and another prince of war 2

Pretty good

The game is basically good, spent most of my time watching my soldiers fight though than doing anything challanging but it's not bad. Although I ran into a situation where an orc archer couldn't be killed and was keeping my soldiers from moving forward, also my archers couldn,t kill it so it'd be good if u could look into that even though this game is old.

could be better

hero doesn't have any special powers, not very challenging game. But not per se bad

*phew!* i completed the game

and Mr. Asevgren i have to say that this game though a complete challenge it is,overall, well worth it, i loved gandalf, the gryphon, the li'l hobbit and the knight aswell as the other allies on your team, i reckon both sides/armies were detailed just enough to turn this game out to be a really good game. apart from "peon-sitting" ( LOL ) such as just letting your character stand there wearin' his legs off swinging his sword around, you can also take the time to have a view at the battle that is occuring, i had to have help from my bro clicking the characters after they died, but i rate this game a 10/10, the advantages, detail and sound overrun the negatives in the game.


a trip down memory lane didn't armor games used to be called games of gondor?