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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"

Awesome game! For a flash game, it really captures the feeling of those amazing LotR style battles.

This is one of the best games on newgrounds. I assume this takes place after Sauron's death, when the orcs are freed from his grasp. I remember playing this when I was little, and I still thought it rocked back then. Please make a sequel.

Games of Gondor. That was Armor Games old name wasn't it? I played this years ago. This and Prince of War are both very great games

I was pretty confused by this. It said I did not have to worry about killing any orcs, but I did. What happened was that I attacked some orcs and they killed all my men and went away. Oh well, I guess people are just better at playing this than I am. I have to give you credit for having good graphics. There are a lot of LOTR games out there, huh.

The sounds and music are quite nice. I'm thinking I may have to move to a certain part of the screen. There probably could have been some more detail in it. For the most part, it manages to hold up pretty well. It's weird, but not that bad.

I cant get past level 13, run out of money! lol i complete the level 12 before the demon or spellcaster even show up!