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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"

Holy Crap

I've always said that I hated war games. Most of them are either WAY too easy to be any fun at all or so fucking difficult I can't even beat the Tutorial. (As was, sadly, the case with the LOTR games XD)

The game itself, in retrospect, was easy. But I didn't think it was easy at the time. I was stressed - anxious that my soldiers would fall to that goddamn Raghud Mazegis-wielding demon AGAIN and just knowing that I'd be too busy with the peons to restock the troops in time and...well well well.

Just a note - I had planned to leave a review of this nature and close it with the phrase "Really awesome game, but it really sucks not participating in the battles." but it turned out MARVELOUS in the end. Bravo. <3

Sound is a 5 because the soundtrack never changes me - and the LOTR music is soooo awesome. Though I didn't realize the music was original - so props on that. But next time (which there better be - you're way too talented to not have a next time) get a variety of music. <3

Great job!


u made this just like the movies battles. seemingly hopeless but in the end the good guys win it. great game

I love it

the game it totally cool and I love it.but i would be better with we could actually join the fight with our hero,and after each mission you could use your aquired experience to buy stats,like making your attack stronger or making your attack faster.I know Im asking too much,but it would be really nice.but I think the fun is really fun the way it is.everyone vote 5!!!

t(l lt) yeah!!

That's sooo cool

Even when i've defeated "HELL", i've played another time! Thie game is very good so let's see what you will make in the future. I like this game very much.


Loved the game! I beat it and was hoping to play as the Orcs, but it's all good. Kudo's to you! 5!