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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"

A great game!

This game is very entertaining, I think that a sequel would be great with the option to upgrade your hero and fight more with him, but the way it is now I had no problems with it, Good job!


It took about 3 tries but I did it and it was ace. You can fight with your warriors on the last level.

I Loved it

The only thing i didnt like was how he too ages to hit them
It rocked

I'd say very creative and fun O.o

Well the only problem is that the sword attack is somewhat slow (or my machine's crappy). Everything else is great. MUST PLAY!!

WOW ^.^

my only problem was the dragon was to ez!!!! anyway the rest of the game owned.I'M WITH AriaOrinogu ABOUT THE SEQUEL THING, your way to talented to let this thing go to waste lol ^.^.(8 interactivity bcause u couldn't fight nuthin but peons and hell!!)