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Reviews for "Battle for Gondor"

This is a joke

You simple playing a game where you have to press space to kill those 1-5 persons passin your hero at the time, and buttom smash 1-9 key.. seriously it would be a slight bit more challenging if you mixed both together so you had to help your army AND slay the people trying to pass in order to get money.

also this game requires total perfection.

Cause i made it level 8 but when one peon passed me
i total lost any kind of control to the lead. i was economic screwed and dindt stand a chance.

It's simple but it's still awesome!!!

I loved it...


Silence is the best comment for this masterpiece!!!!I'd prefer being on the battle than killing peons!!!

so cool but dien

its awsome and cool but my soidlers keep dien

Good but could use improvements

It was fun in a stragic point but when I'm playing as the hero just being confined to that one spot made me feel kinda useless. If the hero could go everywhere and had a certain HP then the game would probably be more difficult and more fun. 4/5