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Reviews for "Mr. Awesome Xtnd edition"


I deffently got a laugh out of this. I would wana say front page for this flash. good job.

JAMce responds:

i hope! ^.^

Will this give me cancer

Incredably fun idea. Is this a trailer for a real flash movie your making or is one of those mock trailers? Seriously, this would be an awsome series if you actually made it. Oh, and can I have one of those porcilin clowns too, for...umm...my girlfriend. Ya thats it, for my girlfriend, not me. I mean, I don't want a porcilin clown. STOP JUDGING ME.

JAMce responds:

lol.. glad you enjoyed it.. everyone should have a proceline clown lol

hahah, dude, nice!!

awesome awesome!!!
is this actually gonna be a movie or did you just make that cuz u felt like it? either way its kick ass, and funny as hell (not that hell is funny, but i think u know wat i mean).
Favorites here we come!

F-KREW Mischief Maker

JAMce responds:

awesome.. heh (no pun intended) thanx.. well, I'm leaning toward trying to make a series.. it wasn't sposed to be.. he's actually the favorite super hero of the main character in a flash series I'm currently working on.. but who know.. spinoff? lol


Hilarious stuff!!! Keep up the good work!^^

5 4 u.....

you reallymake me want to see a full version movie of it... it draws me in and thats goo...