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Reviews for "Mr. Awesome Xtnd edition"


This was AWESOME LOL!!! This was so much better than the original you submitted a while back. Everything that was put into this increased the overall final product in a great way. I love the new scenes!! Well heres my review.

The graphics were great, however i think these were the only things that werent noticably improved from the unextended version. The drawings were great, really nice detail in everything. The animation is nothing short of great either, it was smooth and sometimes humorous.The style was a bit better in this version because of the increased length and more funny scenes. The animating style is still great, and the presentation of your idea is still great as well. The sound is awesome. Great sound effects, and great use of them. The voice acting was superb. Awesome expression and characterization, despite only having 2 characters.

Overall an awesome job, and i really enjoyed this more than the first.. This was quite funny throughout, and everything else was well done too. Anyways i hope you can make a series! 4/5

Hey i know that background music!

Its from that really old cartoon, um.............jonny quest or somthing like that, anyway looks gd i was waiting for a fantastic 4 spoof movie it would be great if u make a series

Pretty good, i guess.

The graphics are good but not the best. The music and announcer was good. Sorta funny. I hope there will be a series.


That was a very good job wth the graphics. Great preview


good work,really cool flash i really enjoy it a lot

JAMce responds:

cool, thanx man... I'm glad you did. thanx for the score