Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

This is GREAT

i really liked it but it looked like you traced it oh well any ways you should have used the same voice's from the other Ep it would have been better. you must make more.

Nice one.

The graphics are very good. Very very very good. =3! And the whole plot and mock voices are gilarious. Keep it up. xD


As good as the last one. Hope you continue to make these.

Hahahaha! Better than the 1st

Hahaha, that was the best man. Please make more. Spopavitch is awesome with his retardedness... hahaha!


this was so frikin funny it's unbelieveable i have 1 very long work SPLOBLOBOLABOLABBLAB!!! when are you goin to make ep. 3 i wanna hear your frieza voice lol
P.S. nice use of game genie i use it myself on SNES