Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

Luigi is so much better than Mario

Yes!I new the second one would kick the first!the first is good too.But this is funnier.This is my 2nd favorite movie on ng!This is a must see!

Phelouser responds:

Thanks! I'm glad the CG series is getting a little popular!

hee hee

"i aint got no posse boy! and i dont want one" lol "quick 18, to Zellars!" lol really good stuff, youve gotta make a number 3 please

This rox!

MAN!! Both CG's ROCK!!! Did you think of making a Dragonball CG ep. 3? It could have Majin Buu in it (Fat, evil, super, gotanks absorbed, Gohan absorbed, or kid, your choice!) ^_^


Holy shit man this is too funny. Oh my god... "Let's use skateboards."

sweet ur good at this

well done and the third ep is really nicely done 2