Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

hilarious stuff

This movie and the first part cracked me up big time
Good job, hope to see a number three

also to the reviewer before me, it isn't a gameshark it's a game genie


it was iight
the nintendo part was the best though
damn little cheata and his gameshark

Hey wait a minute... theres no gameshark for the SNES but theres one for the NES? WTF?!?!?!


I thought it was awesome. i laughed so hard!!! I liked the "cheese/butter" part best and goku's voice cracks me up!
Please make a 3rd one!!

"JEICE!!" "BURTER!!" "*random garble*"

LOL!!! This stuff is great!!! You should really make a third one!! ^^

better than the last one

GOKU YOU SUCK AT GAMES!! NEWBY CHEATER!!! lol this flash was halliarous. cant wait for the next!!! you rock at dbz parodies. but the voices need work. (goku sounds like such a girl lol)