Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

Funny Funny Funny....but more if you are a fan

Keep up the good work. This is a hilarious parody. I am a fan of dbz and its funny to see them act so stupid or silly over simple situations. Just keep doing what your doing and thats that. Look forward to future episodes.


OK it was not as funny as the first one i just wanna put that out there and here is the reason y u continue to add BURTER AND JEICE AND THERE NOT FUNNY!! WE NO THERE NAMES WERE MADE FROM DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR CHRIST SAKE. Anyway everthing was good and I still think there voices r fuuny as hell. Nintendo part always keeps me laughing. PLease dont ruin a good thing that has alot of potential by putting 5th class charectors like burter,jeice,andriods 19,and 20 were not funny. I hope I see major improvements in the next episode. Srry im so harsh but I really had high expectations from episode 2, Episode 1 rocked

very funny :D

plz make the third part fast :P:P

make the 3rd with a bit more better jokes

make the 3rd one exsiting and humorus okay not that gay stuff where nothing makes sense anymore >:(

Love it but i saw it awhile ago plz im begging u 3

Plz make number 3! i love htis submission saw it a long time ago but till no number 3! Plz im a hard core fan of this flash and begging u to make another one for us fans!