Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"

LMAO! x 100

Vegeta is so funny. He's the funniest out of them all. Vegeta's reaction to the game genie got me rolling out of my chair. Dragon ball Z characters need to play super nitendo more often. :D

Best of all spoofs!!!

That is so funni haha "you made the same mistake as you did last time kakarrot, you chose MARIO..." haha the best bit.


Though it's probably a few years old, it's even better with age!

haha :D

i watched both of these and i liked verymuch...but it seems you dont going to make ep3? i hope you make ep3 cause these 2 earlier was fun!

keep it up

usually i make a habbit of slating animations but i liked that it shows youve been doing flash for a while but n e way i really enjoyed it ........cracking