Reviews for "DragonBall CG Ep2"


wayyyyyyyyyyy better than the first


you have to make a next one that is the best one on newsground and it is funny

awesomely funny dude

you must make the next one quick. this was hilarious and to the guy below the weird grey guy is spoovich.

that was awesome

Lol it was so funny when that grey weird guy was speaking gibberish in the cheeeese and butta family

Very Funny series

I have to admit, as a fan of the real series, this is an utterly hilarious parody. Especially when Vegeta and Goku are playing the NES, and the referral to the corny names "Jeice(Cheese)" and "Burter(Butter)" and how krillin always does that eyes thing. This is definitely the funniest dragon ball z parody on newgrounds that I've seen, and well drawn graphics. I'll be waiting for a third.