Reviews for "what dreams may come"

Ver good start

I really like your animation style. Granted, as of right now its still very limited, but it has a ton of potential. A story, more characters, and you could have some very good flash in your future. Good luck

pretty sweet

add some voices, and a story line and that'd be a great movie in my opinion. well anyways, i like the graphics and the whole style and everything.

im soory but WTF

Not bad but a little weird

Not bad, but not great

Well, your use of flash wasn't bad at all. But I think that you definitely need to develop plots for your animations. Nothing too complex, just a basic story with a beginning, middle, and end. I'm sure you can make better.


Needs to be a little longer, but damn if your just learning flash thos animations were really good. If you made some stories, this crazy carrot could become a series. Good job