Reviews for "what dreams may come"

this was short but nice

that was cool, man.keep doing it!

that was fucked up

man that was fucked.. its going in my favorites.

Good, but watch out.

Overall, this is pretty good for a first animation. I understand that many of an artist's first submissions are submitted just to see how the graphics and audio appeal to outsiders, so I'll be easy on you. All I could suggest is to include a plot next time. Your animation is good and your choice of camera angles are ideal; just give it more substance next time. And also, be carefull of what you name these submissions. I don't know if you are aware of this, but "What Dreams May Come" is actually a title of a Robbin Williams movie. I point this out because this title may be misleading to some viewers, who expect the content of the submission to somehow relate to the movie itself. Stay in there man, you're off to a good start.

FUn, short, stupid

but good.

Fluent and grand.

It is definitely an awesome (brief) work. I must say I was quite disappointed to see it end on that vocal entry to "Smells Like Teen Spirit". I thought this animation would live on 'till the very end.. I cried. You're a very talented animator! Hope to see more of your *unique work.. 10 out of 10, valiant.