Reviews for "the NG Calculator"

My account is worth $36.74! XD

Dude, this was awesome! Very original, and must've taken a LOT of ActionScript!!! I hope you get an award for this!!! ^_^



OMG LIKE IM WORTH LIKE 0.01$ LIKE OMG someone buy me, LIKE!

good calculator though.

This was really good

I like this, but once I'd checked it out I thought "if i log in I'll be able to do this properly" because I dont usually look at my info that much


$3.05. i thought i would be a couple of cents barely 1 dollar. im really pleased with this and im going to go blam andprotect more films to get it up.

i'm worth $2.58

anyone need an account? im me. my yahoo screenname is bartman142003. if you live close to chillicothe i'll let you have it for half price.