Reviews for "the NG Calculator"

$6.496 woo!

if you write g, your accont is worth NaN

Very useful

It helps in seeing how important you are to the site by your worth.
Having said that my account is only $0.21.

Game Cridic

Hello as you can see i'm a game cridic. I test games to the best, and so far you are great. I would like to add this to my art studio of favorite. Email me yes or no so i can add or don't add.

Thank You

All about how much one is worth

It seems this Newgrounds Calculator points out how much a person's total net worth can be assuming if they do more things such as make more posts, reviews, vote for experience and ranking promotion and other things.

In either case, the more one's account is worth the more powerful they are on Newgrounds.