Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"

Work on mastering.

The song sounds like it would be great if it were mastered properly.
You need to master the drums.
You should also change that synth that plays the main melody, it sounds very weak in my opinion, maybe add delay and reverb to it to make it sound more powerful.
A tip for you is to do stereo imaging to the master track so it doesn't sound mono, because you have all your sounds going through one area, which sounds kinda bad.
pretty much all you have to do is mastering to your song, and it will sound alot better.

I don't find this top 5 worthy

I am a big fan of DnB. This doesn't seem to entertain me at all. The bass is basic and the perc is mastered bad. It just doesn't sound right to me at all.

The rythms are pretty creative and vary a lot tho.

Could do with changes.

The bass seems too subby to be used just by itself. If you took the melody synth and put it an octave or so lower, high passed it slightly and had it play over your current bassline, that'd be pretty cool. Then get a more gritty saw to play the melody.

The drums are pretty good, not as big as what I like my drums to sound, but eh, your opinion my opinion etc.

Pretty catchy song though man. Definitely get a new lead and beef out the bassline a bit before you master it again.