Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"

That was sweet

Sounds like an epic boss battle


good beat and bass work... but the synth could have been a little better... But it still kicks ass and i'm sure i'm gonna be picking up your album soon ;)

Nicely done

The overall was pretty good. This reminds me of Pendulum for some reason:D

Not bad...

I loved the beat, it was actually really complex. Very fast paced on the drums. But I don't really like the actual melody notes. Just not feeling it i guess... I might have even liked it more without the background notes but I don't know. all in all a good song, but a little sloppy. Love the rythm

Spikrodd responds:

The melody to be honest was just random diddling on the keyboard that was interesting. The drums are sorta my specialty.

Thanks for the review.

Very well done

I enjoyed this very much. Keep up the good work..