Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"

Sounds familiar...

Sounds like a very dry Prodigy song. But thats a compliment, keep up the good work, with more practice, you could big.

Good Song.

Very nice beat and flow, it's a little fast, but I like it. you could have done a little less looping around the middle, added some different beats maybe, but it's good.
Audio Quality: 4/4 stars
Originality: 3/3 stars
Replay-ability: 2/3 stars

Thumbs Up

Very well done, but as it goes on it starts to get very repetitive.


I loved the feel, but the bass felt like it needed some EQ in the low mid range to make it stand out more. The drums sounded like they were peaking, too. Overall a great track, it just needs a little love in the mastering department. Try listening to it on a few different sets and make sure it sounds good on all of them.


I absolutely hate this genre of song. I cant stand listening to it. And i would definitly rate this song a low grade, but ill get past my likes and dislikes. I like the effort put into this song.