Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"


Nice song. I like the intro. It has a nice rythm


Waiting for your remaster:D


This song has everything! Its off the fucking hook Props man, Props!


dude...this song is awesome.
im gonna listen to this for hours....

I want to give you my biggest thanks ever. This song, four years ago, got me hooked on electronic music in general. I thought this was the absolute best stuff in the world, and form there I made my way around dubstep, drum and bass, rave, hardcore; listening and immersing myself in the amazing world of electronic music.
Without you and this track, I'd still be stuck in the world of Aussie rock. I mean, that's no problem, but you wanna know why I feel like thanking you so much?

Four years later, and I'm an accomplished electronic musician and DJ with releases under my belt, big collabs, and I run a small emerging record label. I've become immersed in the science of sound and synthesis.
I've been doing music classes since 3rd grade, learning the saxophone. But after discovering music made on computers (oh wow!) I found a new way to exploit and explore my musical knowledge.
I spend most of my time writing music of my own now, varying from my drum and bass roots, to chillwave, synth pop, chiptune and everything in between. It's my favourite past time, and I can see myself making a future in the audio business. I want to eventually become an audio engineer for film and television. But for now I'm some teen stuck in his bedroom writing music on a pirated copy of FL Studio. Baby steps!
I've met so many great people through the music scene, all around the world. I've got contacts on basically every continent thanks to indie music forums. I've played gigs, and I'm planning another one in September.

So once more, I just want to say thank you. Thank you so much for putting this track out on the exact day you did. If it wasn't for a prepubescent teenage me laying in bed browsing the NG Audio Portal at 4:00 AM in the morning, I can't imagine where I'd be in life!!

I just surfed to your SoundCloud, and listened to a tune you posted 9 days ago. You've improved so much, it's pretty amazing to hear your work after such a long gap.

You, mister Spikrodd, have been my biggest ever inspiration to day, and I hope you can see this and realise how much this tune and your work means to me.
Mad love to you <3