Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"

I like it

Sounds a bit metallic, but that might just because you lowered the quality to put it on here. Nice overall though

Good D'n'B

I was wonding wither I should give a track like this a good a 6 or a 7, then I saw the string of 10s, so 7 it is, a six would look like I hated it!

The track is in every way competent, good quality, good breaks.
Something to work might be ways you could excite the track a bit more. perhaps with a better use of stereo field and perhaps some busier background percs. I find the use of tempo sync'd delay in small quantities is a great way to add richness and bounce to stuff like this.
It already is quiet excellent. well done.




never heard anythign like this lol.
THIS OWNS BADLY (in a good way)

omg. 8D

I must say I love this. C': It's awesome. and that's all i can say. lul. xD
Like, I went to the audio portal, heard this play, then downloaded it after hearing, like, only five seconds of it, lawl.