Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"


This song reminds me of the song omen only this is much better love the synhtisizer and the bass with drums The only thing that it needs is less drum solo and more of the beginning because in my opinion thats the best part

Spikrodd responds:

Well, Omen (by Prodigy, I believe you're referring to) is a slower song made by a powerhouse of entertainment. The drums absolutely need work, and no... it isn't perfection. Trust me.

Thanks for your review however!

Not bad...

I loved the beat, it was actually really complex. Very fast paced on the drums. But I don't really like the actual melody notes. Just not feeling it i guess... I might have even liked it more without the background notes but I don't know. all in all a good song, but a little sloppy. Love the rythm

Spikrodd responds:

The melody to be honest was just random diddling on the keyboard that was interesting. The drums are sorta my specialty.

Thanks for the review.

Work on mastering.

The song sounds like it would be great if it were mastered properly.
You need to master the drums.
You should also change that synth that plays the main melody, it sounds very weak in my opinion, maybe add delay and reverb to it to make it sound more powerful.
A tip for you is to do stereo imaging to the master track so it doesn't sound mono, because you have all your sounds going through one area, which sounds kinda bad.
pretty much all you have to do is mastering to your song, and it will sound alot better.


For a front-pager, the review count is a tad low, but it is pretty good.
I like the bass drum at the intro, nice, hi-quality, punchy.

Nice work.

Although it's not PERFECT, it's still pretty damn good. Bass choice was a little weak, but it still worked well. Drum complexity was what carried this song, nice job.