Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"

Pendulum + Prodigy

just my kind of music. great. loved it. morre DnB TUNES PLEASE. reminded me of pendulm and the prodigy.


Just great, reminds me a bit of Pendulum. Although I found the intro a little off, it quickly got into the main rythm, which I loved. Nice!

love those bass beats. real pendulum style.

man, gotta get them bass boosters headphones. dude, the bass beats are real amazing. goes well with the rhythm. i especially like the 'punching' of those bass beats. i look forward to the mastery of this submission. :D

Like it a lot!

THis is really good stuuf


i love the big kick! i got some new skullkandy headphones (great bass) and this rules!!!!!!! I just put it on loop and you can barely tell when it ends!