Reviews for "SpK*) - Absinthe"


Its pretty awesome and thats all what i can say.


you like blow my ass of when i lisen this song 10/10 5/5 :)
and can you help me im like stuck i have a song and its m4a and i want it a mp3 so i can put it on NG :) well that was it BTW YOU FKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!


This is VERY Good.
Thanks for making it. I Enjoyed listening to it. (This isn't how i usually talk..)
THIS SONG ROCKS! (Thats better.)

As Borat would say, "VERY NICE!"

Good beat and not to bad the techno add in is not negativity ether. That will attract more people to the song out side of the Drum and Bass lovers

the Skill 8.3
the Appel 9.6/10

Could do with changes.

The bass seems too subby to be used just by itself. If you took the melody synth and put it an octave or so lower, high passed it slightly and had it play over your current bassline, that'd be pretty cool. Then get a more gritty saw to play the melody.

The drums are pretty good, not as big as what I like my drums to sound, but eh, your opinion my opinion etc.

Pretty catchy song though man. Definitely get a new lead and beef out the bassline a bit before you master it again.