Reviews for "Hooked on the Brothers"


best fucking flash i ever seen on like 10000000000000 years!!!!! =D it totally rocked =) i just loved that show and the theme song rulz :P and i laughed like hell when i saw it =) it made me think of some good old memories =) really god jobb i want to se more of your flash movies ;) 10 thumbs up for you

dave2 responds:

Glad you liked it. You might also enjoy "Mario's Game Over" if you liked this one.

those were the days...


remember the episode with the super sushi... with koopzilla... and koopa got like huge... and attack tokyo... now thats great writing... we need a captain N flash... that would complete my life...

I thought it was great

Good job I remember watching that show, with this u made it crazy and funny. I liked that in the background of every scene there is a picture from the old video games and the show. Your replay button doesn't work though. Other than that, great job keep it up.

it rocks

i used to love that show. i remember i used to sing that song word by word when i was young. but as a die hard mario fan, i have to say that was pretty awesome.

Great!!!!!(Please read review)

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