Reviews for "Hooked on the Brothers"

That was great

Its really hard to get a 10 out of me, but you managed to do it.
the graphics were great. I loved the unique way you drew the mario bros. this will get front page for sure, keep it up

dave2 responds:

I'd be pretty surprised if this does make front page, but if you're so confident, then maybe I have a shot!

Oh, yes.

This is a great short, pretty much everything I'd expect from the bastards at DC.

dave2 responds:

Yeah, I can't stand those DC jerks either! ;D

I still have old VHS tapes of this awesome show.

It was a tiny bit fast paced but the humour and consistent quality made this flash good. It made me laugh out loud with joy that someone else loves this show as much as I do. Please, make a follow up with the ending theme. =o) I beg you.

dave2 responds:

I hoped that fans of the show would like this one, I've gotta try and get the series on DVD!


Great work man...works like a charm :)

dave2 responds: