Reviews for "Hooked on the Brothers"


This was by far the biggest piece of trash I have ever seen here on Newgrounds. How you wake up every morning and continue existing is well beyond my mind. I hope you rot and die for making this.

PS: FIFEN! And yeah, I did like it.

It was actually, suprisely, not so fucking bad.

Better than what you may expect from another mario themed song.

What a cute submission :)

Well the graphics aren't great(in some areas) but it was quite nostalgic and cute.


best fucking flash i ever seen on like 10000000000000 years!!!!! =D it totally rocked =) i just loved that show and the theme song rulz :P and i laughed like hell when i saw it =) it made me think of some good old memories =) really god jobb i want to se more of your flash movies ;) 10 thumbs up for you

dave2 responds:

Glad you liked it. You might also enjoy "Mario's Game Over" if you liked this one.


That was pretty funny, and the song was awesome, the graphics and the sprites. It was awesome. Keep it up.

dave2 responds:

Thanks for the kind words, glad you actually liked the graphics!