Reviews for "Hooked on the Brothers"

very very nice

Back in the day I watched that show all the time. Hearing that song again really took me back. I have some tapes that I used to tape the old episodes on. Once in a while, I pop one in for old times sake. Great job!

Good Times

I loved that show when I was a kid. This brings back fond memories. Your drawings were a hell of lot better than mine.

To slash3332004: It was a tribute to a cartoon show from the eighties, but you wouldn't know that because you're probably some twelve year old yugioh fanboy, who has no real friends, and knows nothing the outside world.

quite boring

Very bad drawing, some good Fbf animation but it lacked in every aspect to me, didnt like it one bit and im afraid your score is only coming from marios little red ass being in it :D just an honest opinion, no disrespect to you personally man

see that mario hump

This was funny
Not high quality graphics
but funny!!!

And I just love the Mario show theme song

hey sweet

the drawings were kind of crappy but overall it was a positive experience in my life. Thank you.