Reviews for "Hooked on the Brothers"

Good Job.

The old Mario theme brought back some nice memories. The visuals were great, combining funny pictures and solid animation. There's not much to complain about here - This is a well-executed cult animation.

By the way, the "Replay" button doesn't work.

i bet it was a good show

great graphic and it's a great song.i wish i could see the show

I remember this.

Yeah. I use to watch the reruns of the Mario show all the time. I was always bothered as to why they chose to do a rap song for the opening. Hm. Anyway, you did a great job on the graphics. I kind of liked the idea of you mixed animation with sprites. Pretty neat!

Keep up the good work! :)

those were the days...


remember the episode with the super sushi... with koopzilla... and koopa got like huge... and attack tokyo... now thats great writing... we need a captain N flash... that would complete my life...

Ah man that takes me back..

The flash was ok, but I loved that show! So A five for you I give!