Reviews for "Feelin Hot hot hot!"

i have to give it to you

just because of that song lol that song is the best

BobblinTops responds:


too cliche

ive seen so many of the clock things in animations its a little annoying.

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hi bob


I saw this and I thought "woah this is random"! It's well done though, and the song is cheesy which can make people smile. So well done.

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This is great.

Wonderful flash. A great way to animate a lighthearted song. This is a really high quality flash and is something that all the clock, lock, and glock crap that's out there should aspire to. It was great that you didn't use computer generated voices (one of the biggest strikes against clock, lock, and glock flashes), and it was nice to see a clock flash that didn't have random violence, shameless commands to the audience (how to vote, that sort of thing), or gratuitous cursing.

This is an interesting and fun flash, and I recommend that everybody watch it.

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*tear* i love you

nothing that hasn't been done.

it wasn't bad for what it was, but it's nothing very new...
it's just another music video.

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