Reviews for "ATTN BadEgg"


Well, it had a better message then that TT one where you guys were shooting up clocks to a rascist song...

Television-Man responds:

Lol, that one was funny. A well known artist made it.

you have a point.

yah, this was a good flash.... but most people will vote low because they hate the glocks... hell, even i can't stand ya. (i'll bet anything this will somehow be flagged as abusive...)

Television-Man responds:

Abusive? I don't think so. Thanks for the comment though.


finally some cool group. I would join glock group if i was better at flash. Its only a matter of time before we get the Cock Crew hah oh yeah the glock crew should be able to shoot or rampage or something..How about a lock and clock rampage

Television-Man responds:

Your welcome to join, we'd be happy to answer your flash questions.

Wow i was hoping for this day,

The day the clocks,locks,glocks finnaly admit that they are all the same in concept

Television-Man responds:



i love it! lol