Reviews for "ATTN BadEgg"

Okay, I lied.



I Like The Clock Crew & The Lock Legion
but, Honestly THE GLOCK GROUP is a dumb idea
Imagine those Glocks killing eachother with those guns on their faces, if you can picture that
You'll got the idea on what i'm talking about
No offense
But, The Glocks don't work for me for any of the CC or LL
The leading members of the GG must return to the CC!

Television-Man responds:

Yeah, someone made a flash like that already. Ok.

I learned a valuable lesson...

I kept putting my hand in paper shredders to be cool, and it worked, but I've become a very empty man.


Pathetic I mean come on you just make flash movies about killing clocks or clocks killing themselve i hope binladin bombs your houses

Television-Man responds:

I can see that your a new clock. You don't understand that the Clocks were the first to make an anti-flash. I'm a Clock myself, so I just ingore it, but my fellow Glocks don't. So much hate. Except the Lock Legion, they been cool so far.


Only because you're awesome.

Television-Man responds: