Reviews for "ATTN BadEgg"

I AM reviewing for it's original quality...

It is simply that it has none. This kind of submission may be better than your others, but it's still humorless, stupid, plotless, and utterly boring. The animation was nice and fluent by the way. That's the only positive thing.

P.S. I have admired several Clocks/Locks submissions over the past years because of incredible humor, beautiful animation and a bit of psychoticness. Try HeadLock's Beer Song for an instant. Perhaps you'll see the light.

Television-Man responds:

Why thank you.

this sucks

realy try to stop posting this crap and fuck it past the portal

Television-Man responds:

Flash by coolzay:
- none -


Not bad, despite how simplistic this is.

Although this wasn't that long or funny, it has the right idea about Newgrounds and a pretty good moral. I mean, besides the shredder thing.

Television-Man responds:

Why thank you sir. Your review is muchly appreciated.


You're better than this. At least, I think you are. I personally think... uh, the majority of all Clocks, Locks, and Glocks suck. It is hard to find anything with quality in the sea of the aformentioned groups' shitty submissions. I just hoped joining these guys makes you think rolling out Flashes that never make it above three (and would get a lower rating if not for the CCs, GGs, and LLs voting 5 on em) is okay. 2.7 or whatever it is is not okay. That is mediocre. Just because it is one of the few submissions that make it through the portal does not mean you accomplished something.

Television-Man responds:

Wow, thanks for the review Steelo.


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glockgroup, You will die and burn in hell!

Television-Man responds:

BLARGH BLARGH, your talking but no ones listening. Reviews like yours make Newgrounds suck. And Ant-Brains? Your the one you didn't use capitals and grammar.