Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 6"

that was fuken freaky

scary,but good anyway,aspecially the part where salad fingers ate the other one
and when jeremy fissure had that guck in his mouth

The product of a disturbed mind

Bloody weird, but in a nice way.

funny yet creepy so so creepy

now im going to have nightmairs lol

Just Not My Cup Of Tea

Well Salad fingers has gone a long way since rusty spoons into a more creepy and erie maybe scarier versions as the seriers went on.

the only thing i think you could do to improve upon this and amost of your work would be to stop with the sudden screams that come outta nowhere, cuz thats just a cheap way to scare people

Just Not My Cup Of Tea

hahahaha awesome

lol david's voice is great!! lol i use that type of voice for prank calls...lol its great...haha i love salad fingers....its getting like kinda confusing at times but its still good hahaha gotta love hubert ...lol...anyways nice series u got going...keep it up...so far my favorite is episode 2...but overall good job on all of them!!!!